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The late great truth

 What do you think of Stipplicon?
They are a famous operation
in my book
Great Rock & Roll
Can't remember
They make me have a
They are falling behind in the

Stipplicon is a NYC based independent rock band started by Jack Dishel in 1999.  Initially a bedroom solo project, Jack asked some friends to play on an album he was working on, which later became Stipplicon's first release.  As the sound
1. True
2. A tiny frequency
3. Stamp your name on it
4. The famous operation
5. Factory
6. Daddy-o
7. The world is a brain
8.  Building towers
9. Rock & roll
10. No crowd
11. Can't remember
12. Falling behind in the game
1. 92 years
2. Eat the world
3. Practical tactics
4. Lifesize
5. Sleepyface
6. Computers n brains
7. A pile of rocks
8. Nothing bothers a dead guy
9. Passenger two
10. Big shoes
took shape, an ever-changing parade of friends joined him onstage at their live shows and many people came and went freely.  This ended when Strictly Beats and Glen Ganguzza joined the band as permanent members.  Strictly Beats was an instant jolt of animal energy on the drums, gifting the band with many things, among them their heaviness and dynamics.  For the guitar, Jack sought out Glen, one of the people who had shown him how to play his first chords. Besides being longtime friends, they had played in bands together and shared many musical ideas.  In late 2001, they released their second album, "The Late Great Truth", which was a major departure from their debut.  As a fully realized band, the music gained a massive amount of power and became a different thing entirely.   Most recently another old friend, Steven Mertens, joined the band on bass and distilled the sound even more, adding his own unique sense of rhythm and melody. 
Stipplicon is part of a loosely organized family of artists and musicians called Pro Anti, operating mostly from Manhattan's Lower East Side. 
They play shows together, hang out together and collaborate on each other's musical projects.  When reading the credits on their albums, one notices that the same names appear over and over again. This is because besides writing their own songs, the members of Stipplicon also play in The Moldy Peaches, Wooden Ghost, Dufus,  Emandee, Velapene Screen, thefirstpersontoseeanelephant and various other projects. More unusual still is the fact that each group has it's very own sound and vision, something that has become increasingly rare in music today.  Even though they're different, there's a true sense of community among these people, and you get the feeling that they're not a bunch of separate groups but one giant one. 

Jack Dishel lives in NYC and makes music with some of his favorite people.  He's still trying to understand a single goddamn thing that has ever happened to him. 

Strictly Beats rems. good x's w/stipp, dufus, thefirstpersontoseeanelephant, wooden ghost, moldy peaches, ask the dust. screw gym, study hall rulez.

Glen Ganguzza was born, ten inches long, to Argentine parents who, coincidentally after migrating to the united states in 1972, found their first American employment in the Harptone guitar factory (George Harrison R.I.P loved 'em)  in Newark NJ; dad gluing the backs onto the acoustics while mom sewed the gig bags together.  Long fingers from birth, doc said Glen would play piano.  Much to the dismay of his doctor and family he chose the guitar instead. His doctor soon retired and now rides a Harley. 

Steven Mertens was always intrigued with superheroes and outer space as a child.  Unfortunately, when he played superheroes with his friends in the yard, he always ended up punching them for real when he really just meant to fake it.  This became a pattern for the rest of his life, and he never made any friends.  So when you hear him play the bass, think of that instead of what he's playing.