What do you think of Wally Pleasant?
Bigger than Elvis
I would trade in my two for one coupon for Wally
Dysfunctionally Wally's
I hate cops & Wally Pleasant

1. Chrysler Cordoba
2. Two For One Coupon
3. Wreck of the Old 486
4. VH1 Song
5. New Action Hero
6. Bad Kids Show Host
7. Java Jonesin'
8. Home Sweet Home on Wheels
9. Folk Singer Manifesto
10. Stock Market Bop
11. Cleopatra
12. Scotch & Soda
Wally World
1. The Day Ted Nugent Killed All The Animals
2. Bigger Than Elvis
3. Let's Play Life
4. I Want A Stalker
5. Hardcore Man
6. Quincy
7. Mojo?
8. The Ballad of Ty Cobb
9. Love Is...(overproduced 1980's soundtrack mix)
10. Bingo Addicted Grandma
11. Amusement Park Death Song
12. Rumble At The Karaoke Bar

13. Bonus Track (Sunday Morning)
Houses of the Holy Moly
1. She's Addicted to Clothes
2. Merry Christmas Time Again
3. I Hate Cops
4. I've Got a Garden
5. Rock-N-Roll Yard Sale
6. How I got Lost On the Road Less Travled But Then Got 
   Instant Karma on I-96
7. Only Everything
8. I Was A Teenage Republican
9. Farmhand A-Go-Go
10. Rock Song
11. Man With A Tan
Welcome To Pleasantville
Songs About Stuff
1. Small Time Drug Dealer
2. Bad Haircut
3. That's Evolution
4. Ode to Detroit
5. First Love
6. Lost Weekend Las Vegas
7. She's in Love With a Geek
8. Cool Guy With a Car
9. Psycho Roommate
10. Hippies Lament
11. (I Wanna Be A)Pop Star
12. If I Were
1. Out On The Road
2. Post Graduate Overeducated Out Of Work Blues
3. Stupid Day Job
4. Sons Of Bob Dylan
5. Dysfunctionally Yours
6. Alternateen
7. Denny's at 4:00 A.M.
8. Cat Came Back
9. I'm Nice
10. Toxic Waste Block Party
11. Wonderful Sex
12. Raindrops
12. It's A Beautiful Day
13. Smoking
14. I Was A Teenage Republican(George
    Bush Megamix Version)

Wally was born in Detroit, Michigan, the son of college students. As a child, he played football, dodgeball, and monopoly. Then one day on a relatively cloudy afternoon, Wally heard "I Want You to Want Me" by Cheap Trick. His life would never be the same.

Wally started mimicking his favorite rockers in the mirror with a cardboard guitar. Then, on his 14th birthday, his parents offered to pay for his guitar lessons. Armed with only an REO Speedwagon songbook and a dream, Wally got on the road to
guitar proficiency. Soon he began writing his own songs, with such early classics as "Who Ate My Soup" and "Ouch."

After high school, Wally attended Michigan State University. At this point, he began performing at various open mic nights, each week writing a new song to pacify the clove-cigarette-smoking angst-ridden youth at local coffee houses. His repertoire quickly grew to over 157 original songs. A local radio station requested material, but Wally had not yet recorded. So, he sat down with a boom box, and filled a 90-minute Memorex tape with his songs. That tape sold over 5,000 copies.

Wally next began releasing CDs. His first, Songs About Stuff, came out in 1992 and was an instant hit on college radio. Four more CDs followed, including Welcome to Pleasantville, Houses of the Holy Moly, Wally World and Hoedown.

Wally's recordings have charted in the Top 20 nationally on the CMJ and Gavin College charts. His music has been featured on such syndicated programs as Acoustic Cafe, Dr. Demento, and The Difference, not to mention Ted Nugent's morning radio show in Detroit. All told, Miranda Records has sold over 75,000 units of Wally's music. He has toured all over the country (except Oregon), and been featured in Billboard and The Wall Street Journal.

Wally is the quintessential every man who uses humor to pull the listener in and irony and sincerity to provoke thought and warm the heart. His live shows are like escaping to a planet where everyone is nice. And it's well worth the trip!

13. Restless College Years
14. Dead Rock n Roll Stars
Wally Pleasant
Music for nerds and perverts
1. Buffet paradise
2. Plan B
3. Get with ypur girl
4. My hole tribute band
5. Cartain Marvel
6. I wanna rock you
7. Barista
8. Hey georgie
9. Backyard wrestler guy
10. Olde time beer
11. Nightclub of our discontent
12. Handyman special
13. Let's go bowling tonight
14. This town