1. Volumehead
2. Wake up
3. Billy baloo
4. Kingtown
5. Alligators
6. 11:42
7. At the bottom
8. Nashville
9. Paperhouses

What do you think of Nichole Atkins?
Wake up-  she rules
I am caught in her Way
Turn it up
She is at the bottom of my list
Hate Asbury and Nicole Atkins

Nicole Atkins
Poprocket and Ryan Adam's Pinkhearts. Over the last two years she has put out the EP's "Those Damn Powerlines" and "Paperhouses" She also made an as yet to be released album with Los Parasols produced by John Noll. This album features Richard Lloyd of Television on lead guitar and Eric Wiesberg (Dueling Banjos) on mandolin. She has opened for the likes of Donovan, Dan Bern, Lucinda Williams, Jesse Malin, the Smithereens, and various others. In 2002 she won Best Solo Artist, Best Female Vocalist and Song of the Year (Billy Baloo) at the 2002 Asbury Music Awards. So ya see, she is an award winning artist and shit. Heh heh. Currently she is flying south for the winter to work on some new music with Los Parasols, write some new songs and record another ep titled "Party Songs for Viking Funerals" with new songs and covers of friends songs, but will still be playing a few shows in NYC so watch out ya'll.
Nicole atkins plays alt-country music with a 60's and 70's pop influence. Sort of like if ya had the Byrds, Patsy Cline and Mazzy Star playin spin the bottle. She spends here time between NYC, NJ and North Carolina playing solo as well as with her rock n roll band, Los Parasols, made up of members of Les Dirt Clods,
The Summer of Love EP
1. Turn it up
2. Caught in the way
3. wake up
4. Hate Asbury
5. war torn
6. Aisha's divorce

7. Girl on the side
8. Ftae has been painted
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