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I have the Kids and a couple of updates.

by Brad Willis on 05/15/11

While Vanessa is out with the MAC I have been happily looking after Hatcher and Libby Jeanne.    Libby Jeanne made me watch the Supercute! video on YouTube like 12 times in a row.   I think that she may be a little enamored by the youngest Trachtenberg.    Libby Jeanne informed me that she wants a star sticker for her face.   She also loves Nicole Atkins "Maybe Tonight" video and both my kids sang along and drown out Paleface and Mo during a live rendition of "Rock and Roll" that can be found on YouTube.   Meanwhile I have been listening to a lot of Jack Lewis these days and belting out some Bomb the Music Industry in my car.     

As far as the site goes,   I am changing around the Artists listings page right now and that could take a while.   I also maybe going in the direction of getting rid of the fan (artist) pages.   Let me know if these are still relevant and wanted.

Also, let me know if you want to help out with the site.   I appreciated those who helped last go around and I know that it made the site a bigger success last time.   And thanks for your kind words about the updates.


by Brad Willis on 05/14/11

Well, it has been a while since this website has seen the light of day.   A lot has changed in the six years that the site has been inactive.   I am now a two time dad.  My little Hatcher was joined by a baby sister on 3-5-2009.   And while most music gives Hatcher a headache, Libby Jeanne loves to watch YouTube videos of some of my favorite anti-all-stars.  Hatcher was diagnosed with autism last year and both Vanessa and I have gotten a grip around that and making sure that our guy is as successful as he can be socially and academically.  He is pretty much a star around his school as everyone seems to know who he is and he was awarded a perseverance award by the principal.   Go Hatcher!  

I have still been listening to music and I am still a fan of the artists that are listed on this site and more!    More on that later!!   In the meantime have fun... and welcome to the reBOOT.